Is that even comfortable? I can see Kili falling on Fili, because Fili forgot his little brother isn’t so small anymore xD

Ahahahah I don’t think so x’D
And Kili si definitely falling on Fili >u>

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Giving up with drawing… I feel sick and my right eye hurts.
Looking for a good film, giving up also with insomnia: you win.

What’s wrong with me?
I feel not able… to life ._.

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Aaaaw just saw it now…can I still send one, or are you too flooded?

Sure you can honey!

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Funny stuff happening, the same number of notes in the same moment, even if one is 2 days newer xD
Ahh brothers ♡

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hvit-ravn answered your question “To buy or not to buy..?”

this is so cute! (but gosh from where you have money for all those things? D: hobbitcon tickets, cosplay, kigurumi and god knows what else?)

Ahahaha actually… I’m not rich or something no worry, I have to thank Society6 for sending me some money every month, so I can spend some cash I have on paypal for these little funny things (at last this onesie costs 18 USD, that is less than 15€) x’D

And I’ve always been a person who know how to “save” some money, my dad is very proud of me for this! If I have 10€ I keep 5 in my pocket and 5 in my piggy-bank… if my sis has 10€ she will spend 20€ XD we’re so different, lol >u>
I’ve saved a lot recently so I can go to Hobbitcon and stuff >u<

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Pfff, your dialogue is as flawless as your drawings :-D

*blushes* you are too kind <3

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Art process for these little sleeping ones <3
Kili and the Walnuts
Fili and the Apples

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Ah ah! Little cute Fili <3 There’s nothing in this picute I’m not adore! Did i said i love your chibis? Yup, like hundred times… Just perfect! <3

Awwww wooh you! I’m blushing now >u< <3
Thank you Pabu *A* <3

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My artwork “Metabolism” express “Sun, Plants, Water, and Ground” and also “Sleeping, Waking, Awakening, and Death”

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